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Debbie is NOT the Next Angela Deem: I Have Actual Values, People!


On last week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Oussama introduced himself to viewers.

He stunned fans with how likable he seems to be. But he is only 24 years old. At 67, Debbie is 43 years older than he is.

Debbie’s son feels terrified. And some fans are drawing connections to another older woman from Georgia who looked for love in West Africa.

Is Debbie the next Angela Deem? Absolutely not. Just ask her yourself.

Debbie opened up about fan criticism and her relationship with a 24-year-old man while Season 4 aired. (Image Credit: Entertainment Tonight)

90 Day Fiance villain Angela Deem and husband Michael Ilesanmi have a 22-year age gap. To be clear, an age gap is just a measure of time. If both parties are consenting adults, it’s unlikely that anyone is doing anything wrong.

At least, not where age is concerned. Angela is doing just about everything wrong.

And that, it seems, is what makes Debbie find these comparisons downright baffling.

“You know, it’s strange when they compare me to her,” Debbie admitted in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, which you can watch below.

She explained that this is “because I consider myself … it’s not that I’m an elitist, it’s just that I just have much more high ideals.”

Debbie elaborated: “I’m not interested in somebody if they can, you know, give me good sex and that’s all.”

Angela, who sometimes screams and becomes violent at the slightest imagined provocation, has held on-camera “bathtub dates” with Michael, verbalizing the effect that video of him had on her genitals.

That is not Debbie’s approach to romance, on screen or otherwise.

“I’m all about ideas and goals, and plans to elevate ourselves and humanity, and I think she’s not that way,” Debbie accurately assessed.

Angela Deem in a Bubble Bath
90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 6 star Angela Deem announces that her genitals are “on fire” during a video chat.

“But who’s to say?” Debbie added with more grace than Angela could conceivably deserve.

“I hope she becomes that way but it’s like, I think she’s so distracted about instant pleasure, you know?” she observed.

“Pleasure doesn’t come instantaneously, it takes time,” Debbie opined.

“You build up on it and you make something,” Debbie described.

“You make something you can be proud of and hold your head up high,” she added.

Debbie then speculated: “I think maybe Angela is still learning that.”

Additionally, Debbie dished on how people have reacted to her relationship during these first few episodes of the season.

“It’s like having to carry a heavy load when there is negativity too, and it’s hurtful,” she acknowledged.

“And sometimes,” Debbie admitted, “I catch myself kind of getting depressed over some of the remarks.”

However, she has learned to cope, explaining: “and then I just suck it up and say, ‘Well, Debbie, remember if this can help one person, it’s worth it.’”

Debbie added: “And that’s why I continue on and continue on my dream.”

When hit comes to haters, she added: “People that are mean, they maybe don’t know how cruel they are being and I forgive them because it’s from the superficial first glance at me and Oussama.”

“It might look like, ‘Oh, she’s a pervert. Oh, she’s a latch. Oh, she’s a cougar. Oh, she’s a granny cougar,’” Debbie recalled.

“You know,” she expressed, “I’ve heard it all and it’s like, I’m just Miss Debbie.”

Debbie added: “I’m a kind person. I’m not looking for any young man.” Oussama was happenstance.

“I’d like to have an old man but guess what? There’s no old man out there, they’re either dead or they’re married,” Debbie quipped.

“My pool for finding a nice man is very small,” she added.

“Actually, it’s a little mud puddle,” Debbie joked. “It’s not even a pool.”

Debbie knows that Oussama is not a catfish because she has met him. Though, in the interview, she admitted that she “didn’t even know what a real catfish was.”

That could potentially prove dangerous for her, given how many people now know about her. Debbie could receive all sorts of messages.

As for Oussama, she calls him her “prince charming” who is “going to help” her. We wish them both luck.

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