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Jake Paul to force Tommy Fury rematch: ‘I felt flat. I got sick’ | Fury welcomes second fight: ‘Bring it on!’ | Boxing News


Jake Paul will force a rematch with Tommy Fury after he lost a split decision in their clash on Sunday.

Paul met Fury in an eight-round bout in Saudi Arabia. It proved to be the first loss of his pro boxing career but it was also the first time Paul had taken on an opponent with a background in the sport.

In his boxing run the Youtube star turned prizefighter had beaten mixed martial artists, including 47-year-old UFC legend Anderson Silva. But in Fury he was taking on an unbeaten boxing prospect for the first time.

Tommy Fury takes the attack to Jake Paul (Photo: Skill Challenge Enterprise)
Tommy Fury takes the attack to Jake Paul (Photo: Skill Challenge Enterprise)

Paul struggled at times, while Fury did show greater variety. Fury got his jabs off first and was more assured in his footwork and movement. That left Paul looking exposed on occasion and vulnerable to countering rights.

But nevertheless there were still some bright moments for the “Problem Child”. He clipped Fury with his left, catching him with that lead as a hook and jolting Fury when he threw it straight.

Even Fury noted of his antagonist: “Jake Paul took some good shots – he’s a far better boxer than I thought he was.”

It was in the last round when Paul made a breakthrough, slamming the left into Fury once again, catching his opponent stepping forward and dropping him to the canvas.

Fury was not badly hurt and rallied with a strong finish to the fight.

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Inside the changing room ahead of the fight, Tommy Fury enjoyed a sing-along with brother Tyson before getting his hands wrapped

But it will give Paul hope and some positives to work from.

He has made it clear that he will force a rematch. Paul has a rematch clause that he intends to exercise.

“We can run it back,” Paul said. “I think we deserve that rematch.”

He continued: “All respect to Tommy, he won. Don’t judge me by my wins, judge me by my losses.”

Paul claimed he had problems in training camp which made him “flat” in the fight.

“I felt flat – I got sick really bad twice in this camp, injured my arm. This wasn’t my best performance, but that’s no excuse,” he said.

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Tommy Fury, under pressure to win, makes his arrival with big brother and WBC heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury

Fury welcomed the prospect of a rematch.

“This is my first main event. If he wants a rematch, bring it on,” Fury said.

Paul certainly gave no indication he was going to abandon his adventure in boxing.

“This is definitely a humbling experience,” Paul said but he added: “I’ve made it further than I ever thought that I would, and beyond.”

Undeterred, it seems, Paul intends to see how much further he can still go.

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