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Kody Brown: In Total Denial Over Christine’s Hot New Romance!


Christine Brown has officially, fully and very happily moved on from Kody Brown.

Just a few days ago, the Sister Wives star announced to the world that she’s dating a man named David Woolley.

Actually, to be fair and transparent, Christine isn’t simply dating David… she appears to be completely in love with him.

How do we know this for certain?

Because Christine wrote herself on Instagram in regard to her boyfriend, pictured above:

“I finally found the love of my life.”

There we seem to have it.

But while endless social media followers have been congratulating Christine on the romance and wishing her well, at least one person has remained noticeably quiet amid this surprising confirmation.

Kody Brown looks pretty angry in this scene from a Season 17 Sister Wives episode.

We’re talking about Kody Brown, of course.

“He’s aggravated at it all, and all her posts,” an insider has told The Sun of Kody’s response to Christine both dating and, recently, sharing a whole lot online about the relationship.

“It’s really getting to him, especially since fans keep tagging him and sending him the posts.

“He is avoiding social media at all costs.”

Based on what she’s written via Instagram, Christine could not be happier at the moment.

“The first time he held me close, it felt like my soul took it’s first breath,” she wrote this month about Woolley, continuing to gush as follows:

“He’s wonderful and kind, incredible with my children and an adorable grandpa.

“I never dreamed I could find a love like this. #blessed #soulmate #feelinggood #lovemylife #partner.”

Say hello to Christine Brown’s boyfriend, David Woolley! Well done, you!

Pretty strong and impressive words… but Kody apparently isn’t buying any of them.

“Kody believes it’s just Christine wanting attention,” The Sun source adds.

“He doesn’t believe after all these years with him, she’s moved on so quickly, and is already in love with another man.

“He thinks it’s all B.S.”

Wrote the star as a caption to this picture: “Weather doesn’t hinder me when it comes to wearing what I want. What I wanted to wear was a light sweater. Comfort is my favorite outfit, well that and powerful. Those are two good outfits.”

Christine, of course, split from Kody way back in November 2021.

She didn’t start to date Woolley until a year-plus later; not to mention the final several months of her marriage to Kody were a catastrophe.

The couple stopped sleeping together and Christine was simply working up the courage to leave.

It’s not as though she started dating someone new right away or anything; she’s had plenty of time to recover and figure herself out.

“I’m just along for the ride.” That’s what David Woolley wrote as a caption to this photo of himself and Christine Brown.

On Valentine’s Day, meanwhile, Woolley made his feelings known for all to see, as well.

“I’m with you, we just sit in our own little bubble and the world can go around us and we’re just standing still and it’s perfect and I have never felt like this before,” he wrote on Instagram of Christine.

“When I took you to the The Little Mermaid play I saw how much you loved life and I knew I had some one special for me. I’m the luckiest guy, thank you for finding me.

“Love, your king.”



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