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Meri Brown Reveals Sexual Orientation Amid Rumors of Shocking New Romance


Meri Brown is here to make a confession.

The long-time Sister Wives star is aware of what folks are buzzing about online; she’s apparently read blogs and the social media posts.

Has she really moved on from ex-spouse Kody just a few weeks after the couple formally split?

And has she done so with a member of her own sex, as some folks out there believe due to a recent photo and caption Meri shared on Instagram?!?

Meri Brown smiles here for the camera as part of her weekly Friday with Friends segment on Instagram.

While she didn’t cite this chatter directly, Meri used part of a lengthy video she uploaded this past Friday to come out of the closet — in a manner of speaking.

“I am…straight,” Brown told her followers, unable to contain laughter while making this reveal and adding:

“I made an announcement. Now that you all know. You heard it from my mouth. I’m coming out as being straight.”

The 52-year old didn’t say anything further on the subject, but we’d have to assume this puts the aforementioned speculation to rest.

Has Meri Brown moved on from her ex-husband? With this woman?!?

As you can see above, Meri previously posted a photo of herself and someone who we now presume to be nothing more than a friend.

But observers out there weren’t so certain after Meri absolutely GUSHED over the unnamed woman via caption, writing a few days ago:

“Happiest of birthdays to this beautiful human right here.

“And when I say beautiful, I mean both inside and out. Of all the people in the world, she gets me. Our backgrounds are similar.

“We walk parallel paths, almost to the point of creepy lol, but also, it’s just good to have that person who truly understands. She holds space when I need to process.”

Meri Brown is 52 years old. She shared this photo on Instagram in celebration of the occasion.

She continued at the time:

“She’s thoughtful and giving. She knows more about me than almost anyone. She can laugh up a storm, and let me tell ya, if you got the two of us started…

“She’s got my back, I’ve got hers. She’s one I would walk through a fire for, and have literally walked through fire with.

“Humans like her are rare, and I’m forever grateful to have this one in my corner.”

Meri Brown doesn’t need Kody in her life to be happy! Just look at this gorgeous photo.

Considering these very complimentary words… and considering she was coming off a one-sided relationship in which she stopped having sex a decade ago and, some might say, was totally manipulated by her husband… it wouldn’t have been stunning to see Meri give a same-gender romance a try.

Alas, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Meri remains single and is only looking to mingle with a male.

A few weeks ago, of course, Meri and Kody announced the end of their union:

They wrote back then:

After more than a decade of working on our relationship in our own unique ways, we have made the decision to permanently terminate our marriage relationship.

During this process, we are committed to kindness and respect toward each other and all members of our family.

We are also committed to the continued healing of any and all relationships with the family so that we can move forward with forgiveness, grace, and love.

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