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Selena Gomez Dazzles with Makeup-Free Thirst Trap Selfie, Shoutout to Miley


Last month, Selena Gomez took a brief social media break after someone else’s actions put her in an unwanted spotlight.

But she didn’t become the most followed Instagram account (both in the past and in the present) by blowing off the photo-sharing platform.

This week, she stunned followers and racked up a bonkers number of likes in short order with a pair of gorgeous, makeup-free selfies. (Ma’am, we are looking respectfully)

And Selena threw in a Miley Cyrus reference that has fans falling over themselves. Take a look:

Gorgeous as always, Selena Gomez all but broke Instagram with this makeup-free selfie. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Selena Gomez is such a natural beauty that many fans don’t always think about whether Selena has makeup on or not.

Apart from award shows or experimenting with different looks, it’s easy for what she is or is not wearing to go without notice.

But in these two photos, Selena is wearing eyelashes but no actual makeup. And even if the camera didn’t include an eye-popping tease of cleavage, these photos would be magnificent.

When Selena Gomez uploaded a “normal” makeup-free selfie to social media, she followed it up with a fun, expressive snap. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Those able to tear their eyes away from Selena’s gorgeous visage noticed her caption.

“Violet chemistry,” she wrote on Instagram.

Those aren’t just poetic, evocative words. It’s a song reference, referring to Miley Cyrus’ new album, “Endless Summer Vacation.”

So not only did Selena dazzle her fans and followers, but she promoted Miley’s album. A splendid use of Instagram’s most-followed account, wouldn’t you say?

Miley showed her appreciation with a red heart emoji. And speaking of talented singers who performed on Peacock’s New Year’s Eve celebration a couple of months ago, Paris Hilton replied to Selena’s post with a heart eyes emoji.

As for the post itself, it amassed a whopping one million “likes” in the span of eight short minutes. (At present, it has over 22 million)

Having deleted this once before, Selena Gomez reposted this eye-popping thirst trap on Instagram in February 2023 while announcing a hiatus. Power move. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Selena’s monumental status on Instagram sometimes hits people with surprise. She’s not as active as some. Despite her worldwide popularity, there are people who are technically more famous.

There are people who advertise more or advertise less. And there are people who pour more effort into their social media photos.

But Selena strikes a healthy balance — good photos without them looking synthetic. Honest ads for select products. Plus, she’s a genuine person and a total knockout to boot.

Selena Gomez has shown off a number of hairstyles over the years. Shortly before her latest hiatus, she waxed nostalgic about these rich curls. (Photo Credit: Instagram)

The talented singer and actor has made new fans recently through starring on Only Murders In The Building. Even though she’s one of the greatest singers in human history (don’t argue about this with me; I’m right), some hadn’t given her a shot.

But most of Selena’s followers have been with her for years, and will be with her for years.

And Selena’s friends will continue to benefit as she uses her colossal platform to give them shout-outs here and there.

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